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Lake Joseph North Association

Responsible Development

Starting in 2002 our Association along with other Lake Associations in Seguin became concerned with the level of annual property tax increases in Seguin. While these higher taxes were driven by escalating assessments, the tax (mill) rates were not being reduced so the Township (and Province for the Education component) received rapidly escalating revenues. As well at this time the Township increased its debt levels and as a group the Lake Associations through a tax committee met with Township officials to understand the reasons for the escalating spending and debt levels and discuss strategies to reduce the annual increases. Ultimately, this issue and other concerns of Lakefront residents resulted in a change of Township elected officials in 2003 and since that time our Association and other Seguin Associations have had representatives on the Township Finance Committee to review budgets and give input. While we are not fully satisfied with the taxation outcomes, annual increases since 2004 have been modest and the Township has fully paid off its debt obligations.

Another major involvement of the LJNA was to provide input into the new Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendments which came into being in 2006/2007. We participated by surveying our members, holding workshops with Township Planners and a LJNA members and sitting on the Official Plan Committee of the Township. Many of our members participated in the many workshops the Township held over a two year period prior to finalizing the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaws. Every 5 years the Official Plan is open for Amendments and there is an opportunity to provide input into the Official Plan.

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